Thing 8 (Week 4): Wiki, Wiki, What?

One could stay up all night for months and still not reach all the wiki’s that are out there.  I looked at a couple student directed wiki’s.  The first that I looked at was GO West.  It looked like a way for the students to share all the great research that they had done and I found it to be interesting as a teacher as something I would do in my classroom.  The second wiki that I went to was the Kindergarten Counting Book.  A very simple posting of photo that had the number of items that went with the number.  Short and simple!  The only thing I did not like about the site was the ads running along the top.  The third and final wiki is one that I am thinking about doing with a classroom or grade level that would like to do it for the 100th day of school.  That is to create a wiki and see if the students can get 100 responses to the wiki.  I would also like to do this with a voicethread and see if we can get 100 responses.

Thing 7b (Week 6) & Thing 7c (Week 9) Twitter in the News

Read a great twitter conversation about using Twitter with students.  The big discussion was is it right to allow them to have a voice.  In the post by Lisa in Tweeting with Students: Uncharted Territory they have a conversation among teachers and the pro and cons of students using a district Twitter account for school.  It was a lively discussing and also brought about districts blocking everything on the internet.  I felt like a was looking at our district a little when we use to block everything and not allowing those who want to try new and innovated technology to try it.  We have come some way but are still say no to a lot of things that we could at least try.

Week 6/7

Adding or subscribing to RSS Feeds was very easy.  What take you so long is that there are so many out there and trying to narrow down what you want could take you a while and did.  Searching for one was much easier with the google blog search.  I was able to narrow my search by starting large and then narrowing it down with key words.  Here is a snapshot of my reader.

Snapshot of my Google Reader

Week 5

Oy Veh! Once I got started it just keep going and going just like the energizer bunny. It was like looking at the blogs. I would find one and then another and so one. I had started a reader a while a go, but had let that one go, so starting fresh with RSS that might pertain to what I am doing now was important. My only dilemma is going to find the time to read the one that I have subscribed to. Maybe when I wake up at dour in the morning I could read some and just maybe find one that would help me go back to sleep. Hey you never know.

Week 3/4

This week was a rough one to get through. Reading on the computer for several hours is not the easiest things to do after working at a computer all day long. I find the blog posts interesting and have found some I would continue to read such as Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson). I like his sense of humor that he rights about and how they make you think for a moment. This is just one example of his style. Another blog that hit home to me as a teacher is showing the impact that teachers have on their students and how writing for a blog can excite a student or make they truly open up. Anne Davis shared it to show the importance of comments in blogging. Patrick wrote about why it is important for him to pass fifth grade. I found the blog about homework interesting because it is something I fight with on a daily basis as to is it important or not. In the posting Why I Don’t Assign Homework by Dan Meyer the comments about homework are interesting, thought provoking and keeping the question going about why we assign homework.